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As I was walking through the arches of Washington Square Park, this image caught my eye. Very rarely do you see something so simple with so much power behind it.

It wasn't the words that she was holding saying, "You fucked with the wrong generation!" that struck me.

[N]or was it the white cloth that was covering her lips entitled, "No Justice | No Peace."

Nor was it the black writing that is on her chest saying, "I can't breath."

It was her eyes that stuck out through everything she embodied which grasped me.

She seemed like the perfect embodiment of the African-American female figure. As her hair was bold and jumped out at me, it was really her eyes which pierced through my soul. It seemed that everything that was written around her was being portrayed directly through her eyes.

With all this power around her, with all these words that hit so many notes, with the history of her ancestors growing through her hair... 

Her eyes are the symbols that pierced my lens and really spoke to me.

Washington Square Park, Manhattan, New York - Jun 26, 2020

Jarrett Robertson

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Jarrett Robertson
Jarrett Robertson
Jarrett Robertson
Jun 26, 2020
Washington Square Park, Manhattan, New York

Jarrett Robertson