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This photo was taken on September 5, 2020 in the City of Rochester New York.

Like so many other cities in America, Rochester exploded into protests at the beginning of the summer. We marched in the streets and chanted the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Personally, I had never seen this many people out in the streets in Rochester - or anywhere - at one time, so it was really phenomenal to me. And I really wanted to capture this movement, so I went out in the streets and started taking a lot of pictures because I wanted this moment in our city to be documented.

The thing is, the whole time we were protesting and marching, what we didn't realize was this same thing had happened in our city back in March, before George Floyd was murdered. We just didn't know it because it was being hidden by the police department and the mayor.

So, I took this photo right after we realized that.

And this is at one of the protests at the site of where Daniel Prude was murdered on Jefferson Ave[nue] in Rochester, New York.

You'll see the young man is padded across the chest and has a helmet on - protective gear - because the cops are very, very violent. And so, there was a lot of armor and gearing up because no one knew what was gonna happen.

You also see this little movement in his face and his arm; he was moving pretty fast through this crowd, shouting, "SAY HIS NAME! DANIEL PRUDE!"

Rest In Power, Daniel.

Rochester, New York - Sep 05, 2020

Juanita Wald

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Juanita Wald
Juanita Wald
Juanita Wald
Sep 5, 2020
Rochester, New York

Juanita Wald